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Where to explore more?

Where to explore more?

April 13, 2023
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Here's what you can explore next after completing our Intro to Web3 path.

By Peter

Congratulations, you've completed the intro to web3 path!

If you followed this path, you've:

  1. Learned core web3 concepts
  2. Bought a few cryptocurrencies
  3. Set up and secured your crypto wallet
  4. Purchased an ENS domain
  5. Become familiar with Ethereum L2 and other L1 chains

What's next?

Explore our learning paths for DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs:

  • DeFi path: Learn how to save, borrow, and invest your crypto.
  • NFT path: Learn how to buy, sell, and mint NFTs.
  • DAO path: Learn how to build the communities of the future.

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