Alejandro Arango

Alejandro Arango

Digital Artisan at, JUMP, Mirage

Alejandro writes about complex topics and shares insights in an accessible way.

What is your background?

I’m a marketing and design graduate. While in college, I switched from industrial design to digital marketing and e-commerce. My journey has led me to stay on top of emerging technologies. So if it’s avant-garde, you can be sure I’ll be there.

Before web3, I used to lead marketing efforts for e-commerce brands while consulting for smaller startups hit by the pandemic. 

How did you become interested in web3?

I joined the web3 movement in the closing days of DeFi summer when the word “NFT” was starting to get traction. 

After a few months of lurking and learning, I decided to take the plunge and created the Kairon alter ego to immerse myself in the world of DAOs.

What is your current role?

I’m a content creator first and foremost, but my role in the communities I’m part of lies in digesting complex topics and sharing insights in a more accessible way. Anyone can get a foot on the door in this space if you take some time to learn. My job is to make the learning curve easier for you.

How did you approach your web3 job search?

Just jump into a DAO’s Discord chat and say hi! That’s the technique that has worked best for me. 

Making friends and connections here can be extremely rewarding on so many levels, and being a go-getter willing to get the job done will open up so many roads for whoever wants to take the challenge head-on.

What was the hiring process like?

It usually goes a little something like this:  

“Hey, Kairon! I saw your comments on X topic over at Y DAO’s discussion channel. Dig your train of thought! Would you be open for a 30 min call later this week to discuss an article/project I’ve been working on?”

Any tips for people looking to make a similar transition?

Be yourself, voice your opinion (even if you might be wrong), and never be afraid of taking on new opportunities. 

You’re qualified to do so much more than you realize. All it takes is the courage to make friends and start interesting conversations.

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