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How to avoid wallet scams?
Intro to Web3 - If your wallet's seed phrase is lost or stolen, you will lose access to your assets. In this post, we'll share how you can secure your wallet and avoid scams.
How to use a hot wallet?
Intro to Web3 - A crypto wallet is software or hardware that lets you own your crypto and make crypto transactions.
How to use a cold wallet?
Intro to Web3 - A cold wallet is more secure than a hot wallet because it stores your seed phrase in a hardware device that's offline.
How to get an ens domain?
Intro to Web3 - An ens domain makes it easy for you and others to send crypto assets to your wallet.
Web3 step by step
Breaking into Web3 - The best way to break into web3 is to start doing things in web3. Here's a practical checklist that you can follow to get involved right away.
How to avoid getting rekt in web3?
Intro to Web3 - What does it mean to get rekt? Learn how web3 beginners can avoid getting rekt while exploring the web3 ecosystem.
How to buy NFTs on secondary?
NFTs - If you missed the initial mint, you can buy an NFT on the secondary market. Let's walk through how that works.
How to use L2 chains?
Intro to Web3 - Ethereum L2 chains offer faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum L1. Let's learn how to use them.
How to mint NFTs?
NFTs - You can buy NFTs by minting an NFT, buying on the secondary market, or getting an airdrop. Let's explain each method.
What is blockchain?
Intro to Web3 - A blockchain is a linked list of transactions stored on a network of computers. Let's dive into how blockchains work.
ZenAcademy - People of Web3, Kevin Kim
Product Manager-Phantom - Kevin was the first PM at Phantom
How to swap tokens?
DeFi - A decentralized exchange (DEX) lets people exchange any two tokens. In this web3 guide, we’ll cover how DEXs work and how to swap tokens.
How to provide liquidity?
DeFi - Liquidity providers (LPs) are users that fund a liquidity pool with a pair of tokens in exchange for a cut of trading fees and reward tokens.
Why invest in crypto?
Intro to Web3 - Cryptocurrency is digital money that’s stored on a blockchain. We'll cover why you might want to own crypto and how.
What is web3?
Intro to Web3 - Why does web3 matter? Let's cover the key differences between web1, web2, and web3 along with why web3 is the ownership economy.
How to pay less gas?
Intro to Web3 - In this guide, we'll explain what gas is and how to pay less gas on Ethereum.
What can I do with DeFi?
DeFi - You can use DeFi to do almost everything that you can do in TradFi (traditional finance). However, DeFi is risky, so we recommend that you start slowly.
How to lend and borrow assets?
DeFi - You can earn yield by lending and borrowing crypto assets. In this web3 guide, we'll walk through how lending protocols work and how you can deposit and borrow.
How to stake crypto?
DeFi - You can earn yield by staking your cryptocurrencies to validate blockchain transactions. Let's explore why you should stake crypto and how.
How to use other L1 chains?
Intro to Web3 - Other L1 chains offer faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum mainnet. In this guide, we'll cover Solana and Avalanche.
Where to explore more?
Intro to Web3 - Here's what you can explore next after completing our Intro to Web3 path.